Salah Amireh

Salah is a high-performance and self-development coach, the host of “sayter m3 Salah’ live Facebook show, and the founder of “sayter 3ala 7yatak – take charge” event, and many other self-development workshops and seminars. He holds multiple certificates in life coaching specializing in high performance, in addition to an MBA degree in entrepreneurship from DeVry University in California, he is also a certified yoga teacher and teaches yoga on regular basis. Salah helps people to perform at their maximum capacity, increase their energy, achieve their goals, and live the life of their dreams. With a big smile on his face, Salah is passionate, energetic and motivating, he likes to challenge people to reach their maximum potential and tab into their Inner power. Salah’s mission in life is to spread happiness and boost wellbeing in this world.
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