Lana Al-Qusous

Lana Al-Qusous is a beloved TV presenter and ambassador for an inter-parliamentary union. She graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Jordan. Her goal is “to help countries suffering from natural disasters and wars”. She started with Jordanian television in early 1997, when she presented the first live program, and then participated in many live and recorded programs in various topics: artistic, social and cultural. In 1998, she received an offer from Dubai TV in Shopping Festival and presented a live 3-hour program throughout that period entitled “Good morning, Dubai.” The following year, She presented another program on the same channel, and also in Shopping Festival entitled “Marhab“. then she returned to present the program ” يسعد صباحك “, on Jordanian television, which has attracted a large audience in Jordan and abroad. On 17-4-2015, she was appointed Media Goodwill Ambassador to the Inter-Purpose Inter-Parliamentary Union and a member of the International Convoy of Goodwill Ambassadors around the World as the first Jordanian media outlet to hold the position.
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