Abeer Nammari

After a successful career as a business administrator in telecom and education for 20 years, I knew it was time to leave the business world and follow my intuition and passion for street photography.

I planned a trip to New York in the summer of 2017 to learn more about Street Photography. I chose New York because it was the place to be for every aspiring street photographer. After an extensive search on the internet, I booked a workshop with James Maher, a professional New York-based photographer who runs photo tours and street photography workshops. I was fascinated by the colors, diversity, and stories streets can have, and there I was in the middle of Times Square with my camera, a powerful tool to record it all. Shortly thereafter I came back to Amman, I was ready to pursue my dream.

Soon after returning from the US I self-published my first street photography book titled “New York” in 2018. The process took a lot of time, effort and many hours editing the images but once I received the final copy from the print, it felt surreal.

When I started to work on this project a few years ago my primary goal was to promote street photography as a cultural tool in Jordan. My future plans will focus on building a social platform to showcase everyday street life through the medium of photography and storytelling.

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